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Three-courses through your city

Randomly, you and your cooking partner will host the starter, the main course or the dessert. You will receive your guests in one of your kitchens and walk from course to course to new cooking teams, who will also welcome you in their apartment. You and your cooking partner always stay together, but meet new teams for each course. Finally, the whole Laufgelage community meets again at the After-Dinner-Party in the E-Werk.

How does it work?

Buntes HausStarter at 6:00 pmIt starts with the starter, be creative and surprise your guests with a delicious appetizer.
Buntes HausMain at 7:30 pmAfter one and a half hours it's time for the main course. Here you will also meet 4 new people.
Buntes HausDessert at 9:30 pm2 hours later it's time for the last course - dessert. There's always room for dessert right?
Buntes HausAfter-Party from 11:00 pmAfter delicious food and getting to know 12 new friends, the evening will finalize in the E-Werk.

Something still unclear?

Just check if one of your questions has already been answered by us in the FAQ. Alternatively, we look forward to your message via the contact form.